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Erika Kapus

PhD-student at the Doctoral School of ELTE BTK. Her topics of research are: female literature of the turn of the last century, the oeuvre of Minka Czóbel, female sexuality in the literature of the first decades of the last century. In 2011, she published a palimpsest in the journal Spanyolnátha about the relation between Helén Büttner and Minka  Czóbel. As a member of HAS Library, she has been coordinating the eBooks on Demand European digitalizing project. Her field of expertise consists of editing e-books and the possible utilization of digitalizing and web2 techniques in reference libraries and in academic life. Her reference work is Minerva, an interactive multimedia e-guide on the usage of libraries, which was created in the framework of TÁMOP project of the Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. The webpage is structurally and formally similar to the one that is planned to be created in the framework of “Momentum” program. She has been a regular participant in national and international conferences and workshops dealing with the topic of digitalizing.


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