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Ferenc Marczali

Received his MA in Hungarian Language and Literature from ELTE BTK this year. He is a women’s right activist and literary translator. He has gained his work experience mainly at foundations and associations promoting equality between the sexes: human rights trainer – Regina Foundations, Gödöllő (2011); project-coordinator – Active Citizenship Foundation (2011-); project-coordinator – 1Nem With Art For Equality Between The Sexes Foundation (2010-); trainer in the projects “Heartbeat” and “Speak with me!” – NANE Association (2008-). He has dealt with gender issues at international workshops, seminars, and scholarships: scholarship in sexology (2011-2012, Dr Vilmos Szilágyi), Intercultural Learning through International Living Library-seminar (2011, Prague); Xenophobia-Xenophilia Training Under Action 3.1.2) (2009, Thessaloniki); Gender and Violence Links Training (2009, Turin); EPTO ‘Peer I M’ Peer Training Against Racism Training Course (2009, France). He has contributed to Hungarian gender research by two valuable translations: Dina L. McMillen: De hiszen azt mondja, hogy szeret (Nyitott Könyvműhely, 2009); Yvonne Tasker: Bulldózerek és okostojások. In: Férfikutatások – online reader, BCE Társadalmi Nem- és Kultúrakutató Központ. Membership: Műfordítók Egyesülete


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