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Teri Szűcs

Critic, literary historian, translator. She received her PhD in Aesthetics from ELTE BTK in 2009. Her monograph on the Hungarian literature of the Holocaust (The History of Forgetting – The Witness of the Holocaust in Literary Works) was published in 2011. She is a regular contributor of Beszélő, Jelenkor, Kalligram, Vigilia and other literary monthlies. Her fields of interest are contemporary Hungarian literature, the representations of the body in literary works, gender studies, post-Holocaust theology. Currently she is conducting a research on the artistic representations of solidarity. Szűcs also worked as a counsellor and a social worker for several years, and published two volumes of interviews with recovered addicts. She has been organizing a course in restorative community mediation between Roma and non-Roma residents in a village in Pest county.
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