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Ongoing Funded Projects

1. Women Writers and Their Publishing Platforms in the Turn-of-the-Century Hungary

In 2012 Anna Menyhért won a research grant (2012–2015) for part of the group, funded by the Hungarian Scientific Research Fund (OTKA PD 104264), titled “Women Writers and Their Publishing Platforms in the Turn-of-the-Century Hungary”. She and four other group members are working on the “Facebook” of 19th–20th century woman writers. The project includes study of sources, publication of texts, analytical presentation of chosen oeuvres and paths of life and the creation of an interactive, hypertext-based webpage. As a part of the project, we scout primary sources, digitize and disclose unpublished manuscripts, and publish literary texts that are not available in modern editions.

By no means do we intend to approach the lives of the women writers as self-sufficient, enclosed and objective realities, but as stories that are themselves parts of the reception of the literary texts. Anna Menyhért’s theory explicated in her forthcoming volume on women’s literary tradition states that every writer becomes a character in her own history of perception, a constantly changing narrative created by literary criticism and history as “oeuvres”. We translate this into the practice of this project by emphasizing the web-presence where individual authors and works do not show themselves isolated but as embedded into the cultural narrative of the period and of literary history. The project aims to create a cultural and literary social network of the 20th century. It will have woman writers in the nodal points, but at the same time illustrate the wide spectrum of contemporary cultural life. This form and medium are remarkably suitable for providing a textual corpus for the academic community, while it can address the wider audience too. Moreover, it can be unrestrictedly expanded in the future, so including well-known facts or new findings about renowned male writers will also be possible. By publishing our results in an online, multimedia context, which bears structural depth thanks to the hypertext format, we would like to make the project accessible for 21st century, non-linear reading strategies. This will draw young people into the still-intriguing world of hundred year old texts.

 2. Forgotten Women Writers

In cooperation with Napvilág Publishers (one of the most renowned publishing houses in the field of social and political sciences who are about to expand into the field of women’s literature) the research group will publish a series titled “Forgotten Women Writers” edited by Anna Menyhért. The project is funded by the National Cultural Foundation of Hungary (NKA). The introductory volume of the series is going to be the monograph written by Anna Menyhért, “Women’s Literary Tradition: Renée Erdős, Ágnes Nemes Nagy, Minka Czóbel, Ilona Harmos Kosztolányiné, Anna Lesznai”, forthcoming in 2013. A novel by Minka Czóbel, titled The Two Golden Hairs will follow, with an introduction by Erika Kapus. The further 4 volumes planned for 2014–2016 will include the works (novels, collections of poems) of the women writers discussed in the monograph.


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